The Sideways World

This, Ylansi, represents a glimpse into the imaginings of different worlds ranging from Railog to the lands of the Færie to other planets. These images are described with words and pictures with the galleries providing an eclectic sampling.

A variety of tools have been used over the years, ranging from pen and pencil, to word processors and desktop publishing applications to image editors. 3D imagary has been effected through Carrara making extensive use of commercial models.

Screen resolution versions of select images are available in the galleries here. More recent work is sometimes available in printable resolutions and can be had from ImageKind. The first part of The Three Little Pigs is available from Lulu. The innovative Troll & Hero fantasy role playing rules will be available from Lulu, CreateSpace and DriveThruRPG.

All of this represents a hobby — my day job is rather more mundane work in computer security and teaching digital forensics. These days the programs I write tend to be in either Perl or Python. Some of this inevitably bleeds over into my hobbies. The Rune Master role playing game magic system rules owe some of their structure to progamming and a variety of scripts are available for PageStream.